PHOTOS: Navy SEAL Leap Frogs Parachute into Puopolo Park

Parachuters jumped in to the North End's park as part of Navy Week.

The North End is used to Summer tourists dropping into the neighborhood for some sightseeing, but it's usually not so literal. 

Folks gathered along the bleachers at Puopolo Park in the North End with their heads cocked towards the wide blue yonder as a C-130 aircraft climbed to 6,500 feet. At 10 a.m., the aircraft reached it's optimal altitude, a trail of white smoke came out of the rear and several U.S. Navy SEAL Leap Frog parichuters jumped out. 

Some SEALs released colored smoke trails, making intricate parterns in the sky. Others flew the American flag and held on to one anothers legs in daring form. 

Once they landed safely, the crowd rushed out to get pictures of them and have them sign autographs for the children. The Navy Northeast Band from Newport, R.I., played New Orleans jazz tunes and pop songs for the crowd to dance to. 

Where you there? If so, do you have any great photos you want to share? Contact us and we'll add them to the site.


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