New Song Written for a Healing City: 'Boston Strong'

After the marathon bombings, local singer/songwriter and Boston native Jeff Michaels was unsure how to show his support for his city, until a friend suggested he write a Boston Strong song.

"At first I was leery of someone taking a song the wrong way," Michaels said. "But then I realized this is exactly what this city needs. Music, after all, is a universal healing force."

Listen to "Boston Strong" online at reverbnation.com/jeffmichaelsband.

Michaels wrote the lyrics for "Boston Strong" in 10 minutes while sitting in his car, then after finishing it later that afternoon at his piano sent it off to his guitarist and producer Chris Teffner, another New England native who recently moved to Chicago. Working as quickly as they could, they sent files back and forth, also involving famed Nashville cellist David Henry, who has worked with such names as REM and Ben Folds and who graciously lent his talent to the recording.

Michaels' future cousin and Boston native Tina Pankievich also lent her talent to the project, creating the artwork. Boston is featured in the iconic lettering of the Boston Police Department, a nod to their incredible service.

While "Boston Strong" is dedicated to all residents of Boston, Michaels said it is truly for the family members of victims of the tragedy and those who were injured, whose lives will never return to normal. He wants them to know that no matter what happens, they will always have the strength of this great city behind them.

"Boston Strong is available" as a free download at www.jeffmichaelsband.com. It will also be available on iTUNES, and all proceeds will go to the Boston One Fund.


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